About Us - Our Happy Ending

The Dainty Dot Co. was founded as an Independent Fashion Brand in December 2016 by me Louise mum of three, motivated by my daughter Isla (Little Dot) who we sadly lost to a  congenital heart defect the previous year. I named the business after her, as she really is the undercurrent of my ethos, which is to love wholly and share life's experiences to the full. 
When I fell pregnant after Isla died I was filled with dread thinking about leaving the children, I was diagnosed with PTSD and I was in a really dark place. I started to craft to help myself heal, self-taught graphic design and opened myself an Etsy shop hoping maybe I could make an income from this. So now being over 5000 sales on Etsy I decided to open my own shop, to connect to my customers more directly bringing them personalised gifts.
Now what I didn't expect was that this would become my very own REAL business which supports me to work around the children, from a legacy built because of Isla.
As you can tell shopping here is personal for me and you, many items are inspired by the relationships I have with my family and friends. I have a great supportive circle round me which shows in the humour, I am sure you will smile when you open your item.  Come inside, look around please enjoy this experience and rest assured you're in safe hands.
Here we are on our wedding day with our son Jack, rainbow girl Maisie and of course Mr D who helps with my product photos which he does commercially.  It certainly is a family affair!
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