Home Schooling During Isolation

With school closures due to Covid-19 I have had my two lovely tiny humans here with me for the last two weeks, we are embracing social distancing to the full. I started with all the best intentions, the first week I made a structure time timetable to follow this week hasn't been anything like, but it should be the Easter holidays for them so I felt we needed this.

I am used to working from home , the child are used to be being about the sales I did have which were very consistent have slowed right down due to the economical down turn worldwide.

I have the time to spend with the children I love them being here I feel safe knowing were together, but this Easter week I am fighting back as I always do during times of adversity.

This was the littlest person looking out the window at the world, she missing going on the park and seeing her friends from Preschool, in her cousin crew t-shirt.

This was our isolation video diary I only managed four days before I burnt myself out. So the more relaxed approached is well received this week


Break things down into some bits, don't see the day as one large task. Little wins everyday keeps up moral and helps to keep everyone happy.

There are so many support groups during this isolation period. lots of fabulous fun ideas to keep the children entertained, honestly don't bust yourself looking for things to do its just a type away. The rainbow trail has been a big hit in this house, clapping for carers and the be kind culture certainly is well established here.

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