Someone featured ME on a podcast !

When someone reached out to me from America to ask me to feature on handmade sellers podcast, I was literally buzzing.

Stick to the questions Louise ....

So it really hit home when the guys over at Made to Order Podcast asked me to join them for a interview, the self made business women I had become had finally been noticed by someone they could see the passion within my Etsy shop.

I was slightly overwhelmed both happy yet sad, the reality that Isla had died really set in again I not thought about that brutal reality for a long time. All those bitter sweet feeling washed over me, but I am women who thrives from structure lucky for me I been sent a set of questions to consider.

I sat down opened my email reading through the questions I had such different waves of emotions, sadness and happiness swinging back and fore. I feel I prepared well for this, I gave it my best shot but I am women that will waffle and I do waffle, but I think I did Isla justice.

I won't give too much away,take a listen to my ethos and get a sense of who I am.

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