World Breastfeeding Week <3

It is World Breastfeeding week, I fed all three children in this way it was such an important family journey for us I would like to share that with you.


My eldest & littlest dainty were fed for 20 months, it certainly was sometimes a love hate relationship I underestimated the challenges that came with it. I do look back at it with a great fondness, our time together feeding is now deep within my soul <3 I wasn’t able to fed Isla, my Dainty Dot. However, she left such a mark, feeding a NICU/ heart baby with booby milk was such a privilege. Feeding her was extremely special knowing I passed on antibodies to her ready for her heart operation was a reassuring thought, what I did not expect was to have to stop feeding her so suddenly.


When Isla came out of surgery at 4 weeks old, she was a poorly little girl, normally recovery occurs with 48hrs, but it was apparent that was not going to happen as she was placed on heart and lung bypass. She was so poorly I could not even offer her a tube feed as it increased her stress levels, she was heavily sedated too. I had these huge engorged boobies and so much milk to give I really felt like I lost the only thing that I could do for her. I would take time away from the chaos, sitting on the end of the guest room bed on the ward at Alder Hey. They did not even have any sort of BF facilities on the ICU where you could relax and pump, crazy I know in 2015! I got fed up with not being close to her, when taking some time out to maintain my milk supply hoping she recover, and our journey would continue. I found sitting by her bedside so much easier looking at her simulated my milk supply, while people worked round me trying to keep a level of normality (far from it!). Speaking with the BF nurse specialist we revamped a room together, just for those needing a space to pump, now they had some Dainty influence on the ward for it’s duration. I'd pump and freeze, pump and freeze just hoping she be able to grow from this love I’ve produced for her.


I pumped because it was the only thing I could do, that and some care with washing her and changing her bedding. One day someone approached me to explain I could use my milk to maintain her oral care, WHAT!!! I did not think about this at the time, but that very moment I placed some of the milk on her lips I had the first reaction out of her for day……. She started to suckle, SUCKLE! My heart flipped, I feel that this was our moment in the chaos, involuntary I know but it was something when I had nothing for days. That lost and empty feeling disappeared I was feeding my baby again (well only a little).


I could talk so much more about this, but we know that she never did get to grow with my mummy milk which did leave me a sad. I received a call about a week after she died, asking what we wanted to do with the hoard of milk that was resting in the hospital freezer. DONATION PLEASE!! They helped me organised to send the milk to the Northwest Milk Bank, I have so much comfort knowing that the milk meant for Isla helped other sick babies. The same milk all my children had, my love from me connecting us all. It is a very powerful thought and one when I think about when I am not having the greatest days with the huge miss Little Dot left. I couldn't not share this with you this week, I wanted you all to know that even in your own struggles there some positive, mindset is such a massive part of my journey without


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